Why Candela?

Well-Stocked Shelves. Well-Cared-For Customers.

  • More Than Just Order Takers: Candela receives 2000 calls a day and ships approximately 1,000 orders a day. And we don't miss a beat. Our 25 Customer Service Representatives take orders, know the products inside and out, and solve problems like complicated part numbers or product substitution. Quickly, easily.

  • Limitless Stock: More than 30,000 products are stocked on our shelves, representing 150 manufacturers, from hard-to-find, obsolete and slow moving to everyday stock. We also specialize in lamp identification, and custom lamp painting and tuff coating.

  • Fast is an Understatement: Give us two minutes or less and we'll give you a quote. How about same day shipping on most products in stock, and next day shipping for products in stock at our major suppliers? That's 3 to 5 days faster than going direct with manufacturers.

  • Look Good to Your Customers: We'll ship directly to your customer without any of our identifying markings on the package. As though it were coming out of your warehouse. Better yet, you'll save money in the process - we save you the trouble of stocking, receiving, packaging or shipping products.

  • Savings in Bulk: We may award special pricing on products and quantities, (i.e., case or multiple cases), order frequency or low volume consistent for a long period of time. And lower minimums than the manufacturer are the order of the day.

  • State-of-the-Art Service: Our technology is the best in the business. Case in point: our distribution system puts you one click away from rapid order status updates.